About me


My name is Candyce Costa.

My professional background is Management, Sales and Marketing. In the past 15 years, I have worked for Xerox, Cannon Hygiene, X BOX Microsoft and Cisco and lately within the International Conference and Exhibition sector, organizing B2B events such as exhibitions, summits, conference and sales symposiums in Latin America as Manager with full responsibility and the world as part of a group of management.

Since I have been responsible for big corporation’s business connections, I realised that Sales and Marketing should work together to become a very powerful tools not only to generate clients but also to establish brands, create strong business relationship and alliances. My interest in Digital Marketing became a passion and I have decided to get training and more specific knowledge on this field. At this moment, I am finishing my second year of Business & Marketing at university.


The “Business Woman Club” idea born when I have noticed that more and more women are looking for new ways to work and maintain their families, juggling daily routines with small business responsibilities, but most of them do not have budgets and structure to create a safe pathway to grow. The lack of plan and strategy become a gigantic obstacle and after some struggle, the business turned into an unsuccessful experience.


So “Business Woman Club” is a safety place where you can find support and training to help you with your business & marketing strategy and planning. To generate leads and contacts, increase brand awareness and make your voice louder and stronger, reaching the right target and market and supporting you to find your own spot. I want to help people to get there. My aim is to help business woman, entrepreneurs and start-ups from different industries to develop their business ideas and visions.


And my personal challenge is “finding the best solution for your marketing problem”.


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