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As an entrepreneur, marketing is one of the most important skill you should develop for the sake of your business. However, your business needs you 24/7 and you also are responsible for selling, customer services, payments, investment, etc.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Pages and pages of information, online courses, webinars, suggestions, advice, jargon, blogs “how to generate 1K clients”, “how to find your niche”, “five best tips of SEO”, “easy Facebook campaign”, “DIY everything”, you are exhausted! And I understand. That’s why I have decided to create simple and basic courses to get you through.


We offer two distinctive trainings as you can find below.


Let's face it!



Facebook training. I will get through Facebook basic and "how to run your own campaign" - full of advice and information without any jargon and complicated terms - just plain how to do it. Bring your computer and let's hit the professional way to make things happen.


Let’s get social!

Together we will work around the best Social Media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn. Finding out which ones work better for which business, how to connect your accounts, identify your voice online and how strong that could be and briefly how manage your online reputation.

I need help!


Drop me an email and let’s discuss which package will be the perfect for you! In doubt, simplify, book a one2one and we can figure it our together.







Marketing Support

Now, you have your fabulous plan, campaign and strategy – you can visualize your dream.

However, you need to implement everything to achieve success.

Need help with ongoing support? Check our ongoing support packages.

Need help with online training? Check our training packages.

Starting price £ 99 + VAT

Any further question, please, drop us an email and we will contact asap.


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