Planning your marketing from start, understand your competitors and how to position and differentiate your business from your competition, choosing marketing channels that works better for you, managing your reputation online and more.

Get ready to set your business goals and start planning to achieve all of them.

With us, each Marketing package is tailored to the individual needs of your business.


We offer four distinctive packages as you can find below.


Let’s get inspired!


Together, we will assess your ideas, business, products and potential business possibilities. During three hours, we will brainstorm your business, define marketing and social media options and routes, consider marketing goals and opportunities, set goals & calendar, measure your investment and analyse your budget.


Give motivation and business guidance.

Let’s get active!

Together, we will take control of your business. During five hours, we will create marketing action plans step by step, sales pitch and marketing performance and roadmap with key dates, deadlines and budgets.


Give persistence and business structure.

Let’s get bold!

Together, we will develop a strategic plan. During five hours, we will create a branding and marketing plan with suggestions and recommendations to improve your digital marketing and social media finding your own voice. Including Event plan when relevant.


Give confidence and business direction.

Let’s get strategic!

Together, we will develop your strategy with a calculated proposal and detailed schedule. We will include a marketing strategy containing strategic information to analyse how achievable your business goals are. During two sessions (8 hours in total), we will investigate your competitors, analyse your marketing outline giving you best / worst case scenario and opportunities.


Give determination and business advantages.

I need help!


Drop me an email and let’s discuss which package will be perfect for you!

In doubt, simplify, book a one2one and we can figure it our together.


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Marketing Support

Now, you have your fabulous plan, campaign and strategy – you can visualize your dream.

However, you need to implement everything to achieve success.

Need help with ongoing support? Check our ongoing support packages.

Need help with online training? Check our training packages.

Starting price £ 99 + VAT


Any further question, please, drop us an email and we will contact asap.

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.