Candyce Costa


Candyce has led an amazing life living in 4 countries and speaking 3 different languages - starting her first business as a single mum in Brazil at the age of 20 to support her son, she has since built up a wonderful London presence with her company Business Woman Club.


Candyce is all about Women in Technology and coaches businesses to get the best out of their social media and marketing. From this Candyce is now organizing a large Women in Technology and Digital Conference hosted in London in 2018.

We offer tailored marketing packages to support you all way through. If you are planning your marketing from the following:


  • The start-up or beginning phase
  • Understanding how you stand out from your competitors
  • Choosing which marketing channel works best for you
  • Managing your marketing budget
  • Developing and increasing your online brand/presence


We are here to help you.


Get ready to set your business goals and start planning to achieve all of them. With us each Marketing package is tailored to the individual needs of your business.


Planning your Social Media?

You need a tactical plan including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO, Email Marketing, LinkedIn, Adwords, Youtube, Google Analytics, Blogs, Pinterest, Hashtags...


With us you will learn what you need to create and manage your own campaigns.

We help you to find your unique voice.


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